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Time slip Dr.Jin

终于!守护老板后金在中新的韩剧就是Dr.Jin 🙂 虽然在这里他不是Dr.Jin 呵呵。。


对仙后你们看金在中对吧?!哈哈。。 其实我觉得在这里他很可怜。 :(   他爱영래可是她喜欢Dr.Jin。

对一些人可能这部韩剧很恐怖(?)哈哈 因为有很多血,还有手术。。真紧张。。

但是我觉他们的表演非常号还有这部韩剧也能增加知识呵呵 。。那么对你们如果还没看,一定要看吧! ^^

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After school menyanyi untuk world cup 2010

Grup cewek Afterschool akan menjadi grup cewek korea pertama yang akan menjadi artis yang menyanyi buat piala dunia Afrika Selatan 2010.

Afterschool akan bergabung dalam album pertama Red Devils secara resmi berpartisipasi dalam lagu ‘pemberian semangat’ kepada atlet sepak bola piala dunia 2010. Afterschool dan Red Devils akan membuat lagu theme song official untuk album yang bertajuk ‘World Cup’, dan artis indie hip hop The Dagger juga bergabung dalam album ini.

Afterschool yang dikenal dengan penampilan mereka yang keren dipanggung dan grup cewek yang bisa bernyanyi dengan baik, oleh karena itu mereka dipilih dalam album piala dunia ini. mereka sedang dalam pengerjaan album ini.

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Designer Shows Korean Aesthetics in Bali



BALI, Indonesia — Korean designer Andre Kim unveiled his 09 spring/summer wear at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park on this exotic island of Bali, Monday.Invited to grace the eve of Bali Fashion Week 2008, the top designer presented some 130 of his works in the park where the statue of “Garuda,” an immortal bird, graced the center. “When I first visited Bali in 1988, I resolved to hold a fashion show here, a beautiful place of pure people,” said Andre Kim. “I feel happy to have achieved my dream.”

Korea’s leading actress Han Chae-young and rising actor Park Shi-hoo lent dramatic force to the show.

White, black, purple, fuschia, royal green, purple, screaming red, neon-pink, gold and white ? and even red check plaids ? appeared on the catwalk.

Sashaying to the pulsating beat of various music, the show was divided into six stages ? World Festival for 2009, Legend of Bali, Island of Gods, Romanticism of Victorian Dynasty, Unforgettable Fantasy in Kingdom of Korea and Orient, The Secret Mystery of Seven Veils and Divine Wedding of Swan Castle.

The designer showed some variety for his Bali collection that mainly consisted of evening wear and some town wear.

Han and Park first showed several elegant gowns that are the staple of the 73-year-old designer. Han is an established actress who has appeared in various television dramas and Park recently starred in the TV drama “Iljimae.” In the second stage titled Legend of Bali, Island of Gods, the designer presented exotic dresses with print of Balinese gods and nature. In the romanticism of Victorian Dynasty and Unforgettable Fantasy in Kingdom of Korea and Orient, Kim presented more of his staple evening dresses. Another hallmark stage was The Secret Mystery of Seven Veils. A lone model came out wearing seven different-colored robes, to take them off one by one along to Korean traditional music. She later then collects them and laboriously dragged them in.

In the final stage Divine Wedding of Swan Castle, a series of Kim’s wedding gowns were dramatically presented. Han was elegant in her white wedding, and Park, a bashful gentleman in his attire.

Kim presented some 130 pieces for the show that lasted one hour and ten minutes and was attended by some 800 guests. Kim, who has held numerous fashion shows overseas, is the first Korean designer to present his work in Bali. The show was organized by the Moda Bali Convex and supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Bali Fashion Week runs through Aug. 29.

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